BLUBAE - 100% Natural Ingredients
We are an energetic and accomplished Australian company.

We are Australian owned and our products are 100% Australian made. We are focused on creating the highest quality and most desirable product available online. We believe our BizEzy Partners and customers are the most important asset to our company and supporting them is our number one priority.

Blubae products offer what so many people are currently looking for. We offer a wide range of relevant products that are non toxic, effective alternatives to help stop the spread of infection and to assist people in making a safer choice.

Blubae products offer what so many people are currently looking for...

Our Hand Sanitiser & Disinfectant products not only kills 99.9% of germs but being alcohol free they are non flammable and are much kinder to the skin.

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Our Product Range carries the following certifications...

Our Blubae cleaning products make cleaning easier due to the effectiveness of HOCl and NaOH, providing powerful, effective, Toxic Free products with no nasty chemical smell. Please note: Only products made with HOCl carry the Allergy Certification, and all products should be checked for their individual certifications. 

With our cleaning products, one of the comments we often hear is that it is different cleaning with our products as there is no smell, no soapy bubbles and they look like water, but they really do work! 

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